Ar. Shirish Beri has been invited to speak on various issues concerning architecture, planning and environment at a number of regional, national and international conferences and universities here and abroad.



Presentation Title Location PDF
"Towards a Holistic Architecture" - Princeton U.S.A., Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur & elsewhere
"Concerns and Endeavors in Architecture " - Paris (France), UNSW - Sydney, UDRI, Mumbai, Hyderabad
"Life concerns and Architecture" - AAA Singapore, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Aurangabad
"Emerging technologies and their WSE & C.A.A.Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka effects on culture and architecture" - WSE & C.A.A.Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka
"The spiritual happening " - Japan Design Foundation, Osaka, Japan
"Space and Spirit" - A.P.S.D.A. Congress at Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia,Mumbai, Kolhapur & I.I.A conf. Indore
"Designing with a humane conscience" - Tunghai University & C.S.I.D. Taipei,Taiwan, I.I.A.- Indore, Pune, NASA convention Gwallior
"A Search for Wholeness" - Canberra & Launceston ( Australia ), Delhi, Goa,Kolhapur, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat
"Sustainability its Indian perspectives and design implications" - ‘Asian Reality’ symposium Taichung, Kolhapur
"Beyond a visual architecture or Beyond the façade" - South China university, Guangzhou, Pune, Nashik,Surat, Chennai & Mumbai
"Inspired by life" - Launceston (Australia), Chennai, Hubli, Mumbai
"Inspired by life – taught by life" - Ahmedabad, Baroda, Pune, Nagpur, NASA Cochin, Estonia, Norway, Liverpool - U.K, Tumkur
"Developmental conservation" - World Society for Ekistics Conference , Goa
"Understanding space" - Mumbai, Chandigarh, Goa, Pune & elsewhere
"Contextuality in Architecture" - U.D.R.I. Mumbai, Chennai
"Landscape & architecture a symbiotic relationship " - Pune and elsewhere in India
"Present and future trends in Architecture " - YAF' 91 - Goa, Jalgaon, Kolhapur & elsewhere
"Client Architect Relationship" - Young Architects' Festival 97, Nagpur
"Architecture without architects or Timeless architecture" - Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur.
"Evolution of the Theatre form " - Kolhapur
"A Dialogue with Nature " - Mumbai, Sholapur.
"Aesthetics of Ethics & Ethics of Aesthetics " - 3rd IIID National Convention - Baroda.
"Towards an Architectural Conscience " - 2nd International Conference - Mumbai,Bhubaneshwar, Belgaum, Hubli.
"Probing the Crystal Ball - Architecture in the 21st Century " - Ichalkaranji, Pune
"The Enduring magic of nature in Architecture " - I.I.A conference Kolhapur & elsewhere
"Space – inner and outer " - Pune, Kolhapur, Bangalore
"Stone, Architecture and Life a relationship of empathy" - Stona 2004 International Fair, Bangalore.
"An Architect’s response to life" - I.I.A. Mysore and elsewhere
"The Environment responsive habitant" - Ecological society of India journal
"Education and Space " - Bangalore & J. Krishnamurti journal.
"Plumbing – a joyous celebration" - Indian plumbing association seminar
"True green or greenwash" - “Greentech 2009”, Kolhapur
"From saleability to sanctity" - A+D ‘Future pointers’ – 2009 annual
"Its all about 'green' attitudes" - Hyderabad; Nagpur, Delhi, Kolhapur, Mumbai
"Our house as our larger body" - Kolhapur & for INCITE publication
"Rooted flight - impact of globalization on architecture" - Chennai, Mumbai.
"Sustainable choices... sustainable transformations" - Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Indore.
What footprints would our work leave ? - Nasa 2012
"Celebrating life… celebrating architecture " - Megazonal NASA 2013
Shirish Beri's 12 minute & 25 minute film "The Unfolding White" has been screened at various cities in India & abroad.