Shirish Beri’s film "The unfolding white"


This film happened as a result of an intense desire to share Shirish Beri’s search for wholeness through his different expressions in architecture, painting, poetry, photography, academics, philosophy and ecology.
It is an issue based film (and not a personality based one) that tries to explore the important connection between our work and this wholeness and richness of life. It asks whether we could address our concerns in life through our work such as -
Can our design help in bringing man closer to nature, closer to his fellow beings?
Can our architecture result in improving the quality of life of the users?

Film as a powerful medium of communication had always fascinated him – and finally provoked him to venture into making one himself with the help of other film professionals.

The film has two versions – a shorter one of 12 minutes and a larger one of 25 minutes. It is also translated as “Shunyarang” in Marathi, in Slovakian and soon in Portuguese.

The 12 minute version won the international jury award at a The Ekotop film festival in Europe (a niche festival for sustainable development films) from over 200 worldwide entries.