"Spaces inspired by Nature"


This book tries to explore the many ways in which Shirish Beri tries to address his concern of man’s alienation from nature through his work as an architect.

Eleven of his nature inspired designs featured here aspire to directly or indirectly help in bringing man closer to Nature. Each project with a number of relevant images and drawings, discusses its genesis, its basic concept along with its expression in the actual design, the technology, construction materials and finally the user feedback.

Eight illustrated essays discuss his views on various issues concerning architecture and life. They range from sustainability to art; from the immeasurable spirit dimension to the vernacular architecture; from aesthetics to ethics in the architectural profession; from the various tools of connecting to nature to architectural education. A number of his own poems are also published here to give us a deeper insight into his thinking as well as to reinforce his thoughts that are expressed in the essays.

Along with this book, comes a dvd of his award winning film “The unfolding white” which delves into his work that searches for the oneness and wholeness in life.

Can the quality of our life improve when we live and work in spaces inspired by nature? This book answers this question in the affirmative.


Spaces Inspired by Nature - Shirish Beri